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History, Mission and Goals



Dezzenterprise was founded in July 2006, to provide high-quality, affordable, Early Learning Services for families in the historic community of Coney Island. Our center is non-sectarian and seeks to enroll children from diverse racial, economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We believe that this variety gives each child an opportunity to learn and live comfortably and cooperatively with children from backgrounds that are different from his or her own. 


Mutual respect, cooperation, moral and ethical values are fostered in the everyday experiences of the children in our school through the examples set everyday by our loving, friendly and nurturing staff. We offer a “Holistic Curriculum” that meets the needs of the “Whole” child Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Socially.


The goal of Dezzenterprise are to develop children’s Self-Confidence, Independence and to nurture their interest and creative talents until they blossom. We make it our mission to encourage each child to enjoy their learning experiences at our school and to grow and develop at their own pace. Children are encouraged through a variety of experiences to develop a positive self-image and to discover a love for learning.