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Dezzenterprise Tutoring



DEZZENTERPRISE child tutoring service is located in Brooklyn New York. Serving approximately fifteen students per year, we offer a wide range of long and short term training programs. Beginning as early as kindergarten, all the way up to junior high school, DEZZENTERPRISE specializes in creating individualized teaching programs for our clients. Our focus is on assessing each child's talent and nurturing it until it blossoms.

DEZZENTERPRISE tutoring service's goal, is that, no child is left behind and that each child is given an opportunity to excel academically. As we all know, our children are the future and it is important that we invest in our future leaders.  So, your child is a little behind in his or her school work ?; having difficulties doing their home work or maybe need a little extra help, please feel free to contact us at 718-880-7486 if you need our expertise or have any questions.

We are here to help!